Mom. Grams. Teacher. Marian. Dr. Fritzemeier.

I answer to all of them. I’m a bike rider, photographer, nature lover, amateur bird watcher, and avid scrapbooker.

In my professional life I write, speak, and educate. My passion is helping parents and educators gain confidence, grow their skills, and get refreshed. In my presentations, I share real life examples in an engaging style designed to encourage and challenge participants.

I invite you to explore my website to discover more about my speaking and writing and I look forward to hearing from you. — Marian

Key to Winter Bike Riding

Posted December 28, 2019

In  just over two months I plan to ride 40 miles in Reedley’s Blossom Ride on Mar 7th. There’s just one problem. I’ve only ridden 5 miles since December 1. Four years ago, I rode 145 miles during January and February before the Blossom Ride. Second Grade Math. I do the second-grade math I learned…