Restorative Practices

RP Books & Resources

Restorative Practices Videos Updated June 21 2017 Updated June 2017

Restorative Practices Books for Educators Updated April 13 2018

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Marian’s Favorite RP Resources

Implementing Restorative Justice: a guide for schools

Restorative Justice: A Working Guide for Our Schools

Fix School Discipline Toolkit for Educators 102 pages [] New Edition

Restorative Practices: A Guide for Educators, Fostering Healthy Relationships & Promoting Positive School Discipline in Schools

Restorative Interventions Toolkit Minnesota

Restorative Practice Kete Book One Introduction

RP Kete Book Two Restorative Essentials 

Circles Resources

RP Videos About Circles Rev 10 2 2018

Circles Resources for RP in Schools Updated April 13 2018 


Peer Mediation Resources

Peer Mediation Resources for Elementary Schools

Peer Mediation Resources High School

Restorative Practices Resources for Parents

Collaborating-with-Student-and-Families [RPP Denver] NEW

5 Keys for Gaining Parent and Family Buy-In [R. Phillips Community Matters] NEW

Parent to Parent Guide to Restorative Justice

Parent to Parent Guide to Restorative Justice Spanish

Making Policy Come to Life August 2012

Restorative Practice Parent Booklet

Participant Materials

If you are enrolled in Dr. Marian’s Restorative Practices course, click here to access the participant materials. Note that this page is password-protected.