Resources Dr. Fritzemeier Recommends

Restorative Practices in Schools: Resources for Educators

Overview Restorative Practices in Schools pptx NEW Feb 2015

Restorative Practices Books for Educators Updated October 4 2016

Circles Resources for RP in Schools Updated October 4, 2016

Restorative Practices Videos

Brochure Restorative Practices in Schools Year 1 Rev. 2016

Brochure Restorative Practices 4 Year Training Overview Rev. 2016

Peer Mediation Resources for Elementary Schools NEW April 2017

Peer Mediation Resources High School 

Books for Educators

Books for Educators

Books for Reflective Teachers

Books for Reflective Administrators 

Books for Children

Children’s Christmas Books Updated December 2015 

Children’s Easter Books 2014 & 2015 

Children’s Easter Books Compiled 2013

Books for 1-5 Year Olds on Guiding Children’s Behavior

Books for 4-8 Year Olds on Guiding Children’s Behavior

Friendship Books for School Age Children

Birth Order & Siblings Children’s Books & Resources

Books for Parents & Children

Books on Routines for Parents and Children

Books on Responsibility & Chores for Parents and Children

Parent’s Resources

Preschool Activities Using the Multiple Intelligences

Home for the Holidays Resources

Typical Birth Order Characteristics

Sex Education for Children, Adolescents, & Parents

Sex Education Resources for Children, Adolescents & Parents

Books for Couples

Recommended Books Before Couples Marry & Premarital Counseling

Resource Books for Biblical Marriage & Sex

Handout for DVD Purchase

The Physical Perspective Coming Soon