“First Day of Appointments” Hope Street: My Journey

The previous blog ends, “Today God answers in a clear, calm, reassuring voice. ‘I’m here. I’m sending you to Stanford.’

Journal September 16, 2012. Lord, give me peace. I’m afraid I’ll have another bad experience. I’m afraid it will be bad news, although I believe You’ve been preparing me for it. It won’t make it much easier though.

First Stanford Hospital Appointment

Journal September 18, 2014. Lord, thanks for giving me peace today. I felt “off” today & took my medication in a.m., then during the trip. Every time there’s a bump in the road, I startle. And with California roads these days, it’s a lo-o-ong trip.

Rick & I like the doctors. The epilepsy neurologist is ordering an MRI. He says the machines need a level 3 to show epilepsy. Five years ago when I had an MRI, it was probably a 1.5 level. Then they’ll admit me to the hospital for 3-5 days, a week, maybe even 10 days, to record my brain activity. Finally!!!

It never made sense to me why no one’s ever done this. I ask my former doctor so many times, “Can’t you just hook me up to some kind of machine & see what happens to my brain when I have a fading spell?” He looks at me as if I am from outer space with the most outlandish idea he’s ever heard. But I keep asking.

Rick drove me to out-of-town medical appointments every three months for four years. Without much improvement from late 2007 to 2011, my appointments were discontinued. Now I’m back at Stanford.

Second Stanford Hospital Appointment

My next appointment today is with the sleep doctor. It is pretty straight forward: do another sleep study. It’s scheduled for October 30th unless there’s a cancellation.

Overall, my husband & I are pleased. Like Rick says, “It is hard to go over such a long medical history. How do you describe five years of symptoms that regularly change?” The doctors think I may have epilepsy, but probably non-epileptic seizures. I guess we may actually find out what I have.


Image Source: Stanford Hospital [pngegg.com]

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