I’m a First Born Child: The Achiever

What makes me tick? Mom and Dad. All that attention, the ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘ahh-ing’. I’m always in the430677990_2 I want to be the boss robotpolisher [www.StockPholio.com] spotlight. They photograph and video every little thing I do; then post it on face book.

I’m Overly…Because I’ve had so much attention from my parents, and I want to please them, I’m overly responsible, reliable, and well-behaved. The perfect child!

But all this stuff adds up to–PRESSURE. I want others to like me–my parents, teachers, my classmates. So I work really hard at everything I do like chores, school, & activities.

At School. I’m one of the best kids in my class. I’m a huge reader. I’m good at solving problems. I’m kind of picky though. I always try and do things right. If I can’t, I get angry and frustrated. Sometimes I just won’t do something because I’m afraid it won’t be perfect.

My Future. Because I’m good at details, I could be an editor, bookkeeper or accountant. But I like being in charge, you know, the boss. Maybe I’ll be a lawyer, a doctor, or own a company some day.

I’ve heard other people say I’m aggressive, but I call it being assertive. That’s a big word but like I told you, I’m really smart. If you want something done, ask me. I’ve got everything under control. I have to be on time, even early; everything’s scheduled. But I’m willing to make sacrifices to be successful.

Skills Galore. My dad says I’m a mover and a shaker, strong-willed, a high achiever, and a hard driver. I like it when he says that.

I’m actually a good leader in my youth group and school clubs I belong to. But sometimes that doesn’t work very well with my friends. I’m kind of a mini-parent, I like bossing my friends and siblings around. They don’t like it very much.

Dethroned. When baby number two arrived, I was no longer the king. All the attention, time and resources I had all to myself I had to share. It took me awhile to get used to all that sharing.

Two Types. The other day I heard there are actually two types of first born children. Not all first borns are like me. I’m the best type, of course. The other kind is also a leader, but in a quiet, behind the scenes way. They’re not showy or bossy like me. They make sure they pleassssse everyone.

My mom says they are more compliant than I am; they’re like nurturers and caregivers. I don’t know that much about that either, but maybe you do. I need to go finish my homework. I must keep the best grade in the class.

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  1. Reply RJF

    Interesting way to present some really good information about raising a first born. How much trickier does it get when its a first born, raising a first born?

    • Reply Dr. Marian Fritzemeier, Ed.D.

      Good question. No matter what our birth order, we must be careful when parenting the child who has the same birth order as we do. Parents tend to side with the child who has their same birth order. We’re biased. Other children can clearly see that. Self check: Are you objective with your first born? What would sibling(s) say? Hope that helps.

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