Marian’s 6 Favorite Lids to Teach Math Skills

Here are my favorite lids to collect for teaching children math skills. I’ve posted two of four parts in June and will post the last two skills subsequent to this blog post.

New Lid 1-21. Laundry detergent lids are large, easy to manipulate, come in different sizes, and are bright colors.


New Lid 2-22. Men’s & women’s shaving crème lids come in fairly good sizes, various colors, and many are dome shaped.

New Lid 33. Large juice lids are easy to manipulate, colorful, have ridges, and come in different colors and sizes.


New Lid 4-24. Hair product lids are usually cylinder shaped. Clear lids make it easy for children to see when they put treasures inside the lids.

New Lid 5-25. Unusual lids are hard to find, but a great addition to any lid collection simply because they are different and interesting.

New Lid 6-26. Just the opposite of unusual lids, are common lids. These are great when you need multiple lids the same color and/or size so the math concepts aren’t confusing for children. For example, lids for counting and creating patterns. What are your favorite lids for teaching children math skills?


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