Marian’s Teaching Philosophy, Pt. 4: Educating Students Across the Curriculum

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The fourth facet of my teaching philosophy is educating students across the curriculum. I regularly integrate science, history, and math skills into content.

When I’m teaching fetal development, I’m teaching genetics and biology. When students calculate square footage for a classroom using cell phones, I’m reinforcing math skills. These activities help students realize how cross integrated the child development field is with many other disciplines.

With so many second language learners, I always teach English, reading, and writing. With a supplementary authorization for basic English and a reading certificate, I possess additional skills that fosters students’skills. These strategies are useful for students at variety of levels.

Postmodern students will likely change their careers 10-14 times by age thirty-eight. The top ten jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004 (Shift Happens 3.0). Since students will change jobs frequently and their future careers don’t currently exist, critical thinking skills, technology, and soft skills are integral to my teaching philosophy. Students must know how to learn.


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