Speaking Endorsements

“Marian is very informed and passionate about the children and youth of today, and her desire to share her heart with parents and women even greater. As a wife, mother, and woman of God, her personal experience is an integral part of who she is and what she shares. She has confidence to speak about even the most difficult topics, but her gentle and often humorous nature provides an atmosphere of comfort that lessens the tension that can accompany these issues. Response to her interaction with our parents has been very positive. I have appreciated her willingness to speak for our Women and Adult Ministries events.”

— Pastor Jeff Norman, Modesto Covenant Church

“She’s very real and open. I can relate to her. I love that her talking points relate to everyone and not just one group of ladies.”

— Erin

“I really enjoy how relatable Dr. Fritzemeier is! This is the second speaking engagement I’ve been to of hers…I love the lighthearted and practical advice and support she brings.”

— Tori

“Very informative! Easy to follow and understand. Love the handouts!”

— Jenn

“A Parent’s Heart was an overall guide to parenting. A new technique I tried as a result of these classes was… making sure that I have individual time to talk with my 13-year-old and our 4 ½-year-old.”

“Your class on Peer Pressure helped me as a Christian parent to direct and guide my daughter when there are so many pitfalls in junior high and high school.”

“Abstinence was a good reminder to be in constant conversation with your kids about sexual issues. This class was very informative and eye-opening.”

“I like to remain ‘in the dark’ and this class reminded me that doing that isn’t the best parenting method. I’d also like to say…thank you for being so candid with your own stories… it helps us a lot as new parents to know that we are not alone in what we face!”