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We Don’t Have Any Money! Money Matters for Preschoolers

by Dr. Marian C. Fritzemeier, Ed.D. © 2013 “Mommy, I want candy.” “We don’t have money for that,” I state. I continue adding items from my shopping list to the grocery cart. “I want donuts. Pleassssse,” my three-year-old daughter begs. “We don’t have any money,” I explain once again. “Count three cans of corn for…

Laundry or Writing?

by Dr. Marian C. Fritzemeier, Ed.D. © 2013 “What keeps you from writing?” questions keynote speaker, during a writers conference in late March. “The Laundry,” one mother replies. The laundry? How old are your kids? I wonder. The speaker wonders the same. “How old are your kids?” he probes. “Four teenagers and one husband,” she boasts….