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Preschoolers and Choices

As a college professor, I chose what committees I happily wanted to serve on. If the college dictated which committees I must be on, I wouldn’t have been happy. What about you? Do you serve well if you have choices or have choices made for you? Our preschoolers are no different. They too like to…

Dependence to Independence

Your blotchy, wrinkled newborn baby lays in your arms. Quickly forgotten is the pain of childbirth and angry threats, “I’m never having sex again.”   “He’s got your eyes,” coos daddy.   “We’ll be the best parents ever,” mommy tiredly suggests.   Your newborn or adopted child is a gift from God. And this gift…

Laundry or Writing?

by Dr. Marian C. Fritzemeier, Ed.D. © 2013 “What keeps you from writing?” questions keynote speaker, during a writers conference in late March. “The Laundry,” one mother replies. The laundry? How old are your kids? I wonder. The speaker wonders the same. “How old are your kids?” he probes. “Four teenagers and one husband,” she boasts….