Day 8 Asheville Adventures: Life Guidance


Note taking in writing class

Nancy Lohr’s a former children’s librarian; she may even like children’s books more than I do. Her passion for children, especially reluctant readers, and writing books that are developmentally appropriate align with mine. Today is day 3 of her workshops Writing for Children.

Later, I met with Nancy to discuss my book idea. She provided thoughts and slants on how I could combine nature, children, and parents/caregivers. Her feedback on a simple book idea became many possibilities. Time spent with her is one way God directs my future writing path.

I never delete Mary Denman’s Photo Tip Friday post until I’ve read it Every Friday she posts photography tips on a topic. She usually gives 3 to 4 examples with well written instructions and corresponding photos. I’ve been following her blog since I met her last year. What fun to learn more in her workshop. If you like photography, you will like her blog.

After a powerful workshop the day before with Lucinda Secrest McDowell, I attend Word Power in Everyday Life. Words have power; words can hurt; words can heal; and words offer hope. When she says, “You need to forgive yourself,” her eyes meet mine as my eyes fill with tears.

On my afternoon Prayer Garden walk the Lord whispers, “You need to forgive yourself for losing your job.”

As I pray, the domino pieces fall. I lost my job, which reduced my income, which resulted in losing our Atwater house. We moved back to Modesto. I lost most of my work friends. My disability is permanent. I lost my career.

Tears and grief flow. That’s a lot of loss and guilt to carry. The Lord can carry this; I cannot.

What a precious day. I felt God’s presence moving me forward and not feeling stuck. I thank God for words. Especially the words of others.

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