I’m the Last Born Child: Life of the Party

I’m the baby. By the time I came along, the parental unit had been parents for a lonnnnng time. They don’t pay attention to my every move or milestone like they did with my brother and sister.

My oldest brother says, “You get away with murder. Mom and Dad are so lenient with you.”

My middle sister complains, “That’s not fair. He’s so spoiled. How come he gets away with everything?”

More Freedom. Secretly, they let me get away with too much. I have more freedom than my siblings. I’m used to having freedom to follow my own creative path. To keep others entertained and my parents off my back, I’ve learned how to play the crowd with charm and likability. Sometimes I just make a cute face and my dad forgets I was supposed to do a chore and slips me a five.

Won’t Take No. I expect good things in life. I’m what my dad calls a great optimist. I’m persistent. I can outlast my siblings and wear my parents down eventually. I won’t take no for an answer, but sometimes I get out of hand and become too overbearing.

Others Do My Work. I don’t have many responsibilities. I’m really good at getting others to do things for me. It’s so easy I don’t know why my siblings don’t do it. I just act like I’m helpless and my parents make someone else do my chores. I look pathetic and people just rush to my aid. It’s pretty cool.

I don’t really need to take much effort to do stuff on my own. My mom hopes someday I’ll marry someone responsible. But, hey, why move out when I’ve got it so good here?

Social and Suave. I have a lot of influence on my family. They support me. So I feel I belong; I feel secure. I’m a people-person. I work well one-on-one or with small groups. I love social settings and events. I can read others, so sometimes I don’t even bother listening to what they have to say. I’m easy-going, caring and a genuinely loveable person.

School…You should see me at school. When I’m bored, I do something to get the teacher off track. Sometimes the teacher even forgets to give us homework. I’m really popular when that happens. My love for the limelight sometimes steps over into self-centeredness though.

Since I’m the last child, my mom wants me to be her baby forever. You should see how many pictures I have. I just look cute and out comes the camera.

My Future Job. When I grow up I really don’t want to have a regular job. If I have to work I’ll probably be an actor, a magician, or movie director. I’m a really good entertainer. Maybe I’ll be a standup comedian and have my own TV show.

I’m going to go practice some of my new jokes, in case I do have to get a real job some day.



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