Marian’s Teaching Philosophy, Pt. 2: Students & Teacher Learning Together

I’m sharing a series on the six facets of my teaching philosophy. The foundation of my philosophy is creating a safe and inclusive classroom environment.

My second teaching philosophy concept is that students and teacher are all learning together. As a vigorous and enthusiastic professor who enjoys education and interacting with students, I include myself as a learner.

I constantly discover new ideas from my students because I don’t possess the same background and experiences they offer. Everyone has something to contribute. Students bring life experiences that are critical to learning.

The safe environment fosters students asking questions and participating in small and large groups while processing and applying what they are learning. When I don’t know something, I reply, “That’s a great question. I don’t know the answer. Let’s find out.” One of my favorite questions was, “Does head size affect a child’s intelligence?”


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  1. Reply RJ

    A great example of real servant leadership. Very lacking in a lot of our leadership styles these days.

    Good for you Dr. Fritzemeier

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